What To Wear This Holiday Season

It's all the rage! Find the perfect holiday outfit!

Yeah, I've looked for one too... And, you know what typically happens each year? I either feel depressed because I "can't find anything" or I "can't afford anything." And then I feel a little ashamed to be non-festive, or embarrassed at my sorry attempts with what I could scrounge up.

Do you ever feel like that? Maybe you don't. But I can guarantee, you have felt this way about something before. So you can probably relate at least a little bit!

I've been doing some thinking this year. What in the world should I wear? I want to feel festive! I want to feel pretty! I want to feel comfortable!

And here's what I have come up with - I should match my own style! Shocker, I know.

Have you ever worn something that looked great on the hanger, but feels really awkward on your body? Yeah, me too. Or how about the times when you spend way more money than you're comfortable with, because you just had to have the gorgeous dress this time. And then you feel a little guilty the whole time you're wearing it? It's really a bummer, isn't it?!

Looking back, I can see that every single time I have put myself in these uncomfortable situations, I was reaching for a supposed ideal. I was reaching for what I wish I liked. A person I wished I was. Things I wished I had. Not for something that truly fit me.

I think it's important to be very clear what I'm not saying here. I'm not saying you aren't truly "being you" if you don't show up to the holiday party looking exactly the way you did last Monday. They way you look, or behave, on a regular basis may or may not be an accurate portrayal of who you truly are. So do not sit back and say, "Well, I always wear yoga pants, and never wear makeup, so that's who I really am!" Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it doesn't actually make you as happy as you think it does. Or maybe it does - I can't decide that for you. Just make sure you know!

Maybe you actually feel amazing when you spend a fortune on the gorgeous party dress! Maybe you think to yourself, "I should treat myself like this more often!" That's a sign that this is something that's really you - you should do it more often!

Or do you feel a little icky when you wear the dress? Do you feel that twinge of remorse, or get annoyed by how uncomfortable you feel in the "perfect" dress you just plunked down $300 for? Sister, that's a sign that it wasn't for you! You were reaching for something that had nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what you wished was you!

I can see that what I truly, truly want, deep down, is to feel great, and feel happy. Can you relate? Well, I won't be happy if I'm not living as myself! We were created with personalities and preferences for a reason! Wish them away all you want, but you will always be happier in your own skin.

So, what should you wear to the holiday party? You should wear what makes you happy!

Now, be honest with me here - are you a little disappointed with that answer? Is it not specific enough? You still feel lost? Make sure that this isn't because you haven't quite figured out who you are; that you aren't living a little absentmindedly. That's much more important than your holiday outfit, I promise you!

Do you have an idea of what kind of outfit you feel great in over the holidays? I would love to hear it - please share it in the comments!