Top 3 Items Under $25 I Can't Live Without

It's amazing how much we come to rely on such tiny things! But I couldn't imagine living without these simple things. They really do their part to make life just a little bit better!

By the way, I don't sell or profit from a single one of these things. These are purely a random compilation of things I love that I know would be useful for many of you!

1. My Ello Coffee Travel Mug

Where has this been all my life? I picked this up last minute from #target before an airplane flight with two toddlers, because I always miss my coffee when I'm up at 4:00 am with two babies who are super energetic and require every ounce of energy to keep contained for hours upon hours of travel. But, I have to be a good mom and make sure I don't spill hot coffee all over them, right? So in the past, I've just gone without. Dumb.

This #coffeemug seals extremely well - my 1.5 year old kept grabbing it and tipping it upside down, and not a drop spilled! Now I use it every morning like a carafe to pour out bits of coffee at a time into my favorite house mug while I do my thing. And, of course, I use it in the car on the go.

2. My Norwex Dish Cloths

These cloths get the chance to make me happy several times a day! I've never ever used a dish cloth (or sponge or brush or scrub!) that I've liked better. And I'm a weirdo who thinks new cleaning tools are cool, so I've tried a lot! They are safe for any dish surface, even nonstick, and melted cheese and scrambled egg rinse out of them easier than you've ever experienced in your life!

They don't stink, they last forever, they're scrubbing power is astounding, they're easy to clean, and they don't harbor disgusting bacteria and buildup like many dish washing supplies. You need these.

(You buy these through a consultant, so if you don't have one and need one, I know a few ladies. They have no idea I'm writing this, but I can't imagine they'll complain.)

3. My Electric Kettle

I'm not really a huge tea drinker so I didn't expect to like this one so much! Turns out it's AMAZING for so many things. It boils water much faster than my stove, and it's ridiculously easy to use. Literally pour in water and flip a lever, people.

I used it to heat up water for warming baby bottles, making Americanos, filling up a hot water bottle for my bed on cold winter nights, making chicken broth with that Better Than Bouillon paste, etc. And, I suppose, occasionally making tea.

I got mine at Costco for about 20 bucks, but this one (linked) is the same brand, from Target.

And that's it, folks! My top 3 recommendations for small things that can make a huge difference for you!

Did I miss any that you think are better? Be sure to tell me!