Tidying Up 101: The Quick Fix.

A couple of these might be shocking, but here are some very easy ways to get things looking tidy again without spending very much time at all! These are regular habits in my house!

I know that tidying up can be very overwhelming, especially for those of us who just seem to "live messy." But I truly believe that you CAN have a tidy space, even if you hate cleaning, and even if you don't have much time.

The next time you're staring at your disastrous living room and wondering where to even begin tackling that mess, think of these things! They make all the difference in my own ability to keep things even remotely in good order, and I know they can help you!

1. Find The Big Thing

“There is usually at least one big thing . . . that will only take a few seconds to get out of the way that will leave a glorious, blank space in the mess. ”

There is usually at least one big thing - a blanket, a pile of books, a stack of dishes on the coffee table from last night's TV dinner - that will only take a few seconds to get out of the way that will leave a glorious, blank space in the mess.

Find the big thing! Take care of that first! Once that's done, the entire mess will be less daunting, and it took you almost no effort to get there. See?! You can do this!

Don't Put Everything Away

I know, that sounds weird. But I mean it! I do NOT put everything away every time I tidy up. The moment I feel the pressure to do everything completely, I feel overwhelmed and I won't clean at all. I'm guessing you do that too.

Well, let this be your permission to only make things better! Remember - the moment you think you have to choose between disaster and perfectly #clean, you're robbing yourself! There is so much more leeway than that!

So, yes, I really mean it. Don't put everything away. Try just putting away the easiest things that are making the biggest mess (trash, the blankets that go in the basket, the toys that go in the chest in the corner, etc. - remember the One Big Thing?) and simply consolidate the rest. Maybe gather those scattered papers that need to be filed and put them in a neat stack! Or move the pile of laundry into your bedroom so it's not dragging down the atmosphere of your general living space.

Straighten, Straighten, Straighten

This only takes a few seconds, but it can take your living space from sloppy to neat instantaneously. Keep things straight. Fix the coffee table. Put the pillow neatly in the corner of the couch. Stack the books on the table so they're not scattered.

Very simple things, but they instantly make your space look less messy.

Even if you *gasp* didn't put anything away.

Do you struggle with perfectionism with cleaning? Do you feel like keeping a tidy space takes up too much time? I'd love for you to tell me about it, and I'm sure others will be glad to see they're not alone!