The Quickest Way to Waste Good Things

Sometimes our attempt at "gratefulness" turns out to be incredibly ungrateful.

Do you know how many times I have felt ashamed for having good things in my life?

Too many to count.

Because, yes! There are so many people who are much worse off than me! They don't have ANY food to eat for today, let alone have DoorDash. They don't have access to new clothes, and I ordered mine straight to my door with Amazon Prime.

So I get this twinge of guilt over how much I enjoy a modern convenience when I remember suffering. Ever felt that way? Ever made a comment to remind someone "how lucky they are?" I have.

But... Why?! Is it actually to help ourselves feel grateful? And is it really working?

I believe we need the past to remind us how far we've come - we have grocery stores, libraries, eye glasses, hospitals, houses!

I believe we need to be aware that there are people today who need help, and don't get to benefit from every advancement and convenience that we may have.

But if the bad things stop us from enjoying the good things, then they are POINTLESS.

If we are letting ourselves be ashamed of having good things, then we are turning our own blessings into a curse. Those good things aren't helping us at all. But they are meant to!

I believe that being ashamed of our blessings is an extremely ungrateful way to live.

“...I believe that being ashamed of our blessings is an extremely ungrateful way to live.”

When was the last time you shamed someone (or yourself) for a GIFT? I'm going to try to catch myself next time, so I don't fool myself into thinking that the shame is somehow the good thing.