Why We Care About The Little Things & Our Appearance - Part 2

Wondering what “little steps” I have been taking? I’ll share them with you, with the hope that you get a few ideas to try out yourself!

I am buying more items with less variety.

You know that favorite shirt in your closet, that feels so comfortable and looks so great on you, and you almost wish you could wear it every day?

Yeah, I have a shirt like that too…. I think we need more of those shirts! That’s what I’m working towards, anyway. My goal is to have very single one of the items in my closet be something that I would happily wear. I’m not there yet, but it’s better than before!

The saying, “if it fits, buy it in every color” really has some merit. Of course, I’m buying most of them in black, but whatever. I’m trying to beat closet dread. I’m paying more attention to the things I actually like to wear.

I am showering every day.

Some of you won’t do this, especially because many of you do not wash your hair every day, and I’m not trying to convince you to change your mind. I have zero problem with less shampooing! But, I feel so great when I have clean hair. And I always feel better on the days that I shower. So every day that I feel like my hair isn’t clean enough, I just shower it, and it feels so great! It’s like an automatic upgrade.

I choose jeans or black pants instead of sweat pants... usually.

This pic is from a year ago. I had nowhere to be. Definitely felt more energized in the second outfit! Which is the point.

Sometimes I wear the sweats, if the rest of me is feeling great enough. But sweatpants, and yoga pants, make me feel too casual most of the time. I feel lazy in them. So I’ve been slowly working on buying more comfortable pants that I feel great in, and they’re usually ripped jeans or black pants!

Believe me, comfort is a huge deal! Which is why….

I’m finding more comfortable versions of my favorites, and the basics.

It’s not that difficult to look nice if the clothes are comfortable. I mean… a lot of us wear yoga pants and graphic tees simply because they’re comfortable, right? Stiff, itchy slacks and a button down, or sweats? …… No brain-er!

But my personal preference, in terms of looks, is on the nicer side. Even more nice than I wear these days, and you will almost always find me in jeans and a nice sweater. I’m a stay-at-home mom. You don’t see that often. You just don’t. Only the European women in my neck of the woods look nice at the park. And hopefully me….. I like looking nice!

But, my goodness, I want to be comfortable! So I’m being pickier about which items I buy. With so many options these days, there’s really not much excuse for wearing uncomfortable clothes! Did you know that they make office-wear that feels like yoga pants? How awesome is that?

I even buy better underwear. I used to think I had to choose between a permanent wedgie, but pretty, or the comfortable and boring (and not very sexy) 6-pack Fruit of the Loom. It took me far too long to realize that I could actually have both pretty and comfortable! I refuse to buy anything that doesn’t meet that criteria now!

I wear makeup

You guys, I really have no preference if other women wear makeup or not. The only thing I care about is that your choice is based on your preference, and not complacency, or anything else!

Makeup does make a difference! The point is to pick your preference!

When I wear makeup, I often do extremely simple looks. Perhaps a bit of mascara, some tinted moisturizer, and a lip color! I think every woman (that wants to wear makeup at all) needs a go-to look that she can put together in a flash, even on the craziest of days!

Because, for most of us who like makeup, it makes you feel great! It can brighten your countenance, it can make you look more awake, and, again, if you like the way you look, you tend to feel better!

Let me sum all this up….

When you wake up in the morning, choosing to either fix your hair or not fix your hair will make a difference.

Choosing to put on pants that make you feel lazy will make a difference. Choosing a different pair takes zero extra time.

Choosing to wear the shirt that you think makes you look great (or just feel great) takes no more time than putting on the shirt that makes you feel uncomfortable or sloppy.

If you like makeup, putting on mascara and a lip color takes hardly any time, and adds a significant accent to your eyes and face.

What I have learned the hard way is this:

I get to choose where I want to put my efforts. I don’t get to choose what I get in return.

You’ve heard of this concept before too - you can choose the action, but you can’t choose the consequences!