The Little Idea That Changes Everything

I made a sandwich the other day... riveting, I know... and something struck me!

Okay, actually, this thought occurs to me often. When I'm cooking, when I'm deciding what to wear, when I'm tidying up my house, when I'm typing an email.....

"Tiny little things can make a huge difference!"

I had my panini maker out (genius invention, by the way!) and was all set with my mustard, ham, and Gruyere cheese. But instead of simply slapping ham and cheese in the middle of two pieces of bread and calling it a day, I grabbed the tomato sitting on my counter, sliced it up, and put a few arugula leaves in there too!

I hadn't planned to do that, but what a difference! Can you picture it? Gourmet, restaurant-worthy sandwich - bursting with flavor, vibrancy, and health (hello, veggies!)!

And it took only a minute more of my time. Only a minute to go from plain (and virtually tasteless) to gourmet!

If you hate tomatoes and arugula in your sandwiches, how about the big difference of using Gruyere cheese instead of Colby Jack! Completely different taste!

Tiny little things, but huge differences.

You know how they say, "go big or go home"? Well...

I recognize that this phrase has it's place, but, you guys.... I think its value is extremely limited! Because, rather than inspiring us to reach for the better things in life, I see most of us choosing to just "go home." I see it fostering an attitude that dictates we do all, or do nothing.

But we're tired and busy! Most of us don't naturally have the type of energy required to "go big!" So what are we to do??

Tiny things, everyone! Relish how impactful those little things can be!!

Tell me if you recognize any of these statements (you will....):

  • "I don't have time to go to the gym every day to workout, and I'll never look like her anyway. So I guess I'm doomed!" *Shoves donut in mouth*

  • "I don't have hours to spend on my hobby anymore! I'm just too busy! I guess my days enjoying that are over!"

  • "I have toddlers now, so high heels and fancy clothes aren't practical. I suppose there's not much point trying to look fabulous anymore."

Or how about this one:

  • "I don't have a burning vision to end world hunger, so any dreams I have aren't really worth pursuing."

Any of those things sound familiar?

I have heard (and thought) those types of things over and over and over. And you know what? Every single one of those statements is *highly influential* in our actions, and none of them is true! They are not serving us.

Do you see the connection to the "go big or go home" mentality? I sure do.

You don't quit trying to be healthy and shapely because you can't commit to an extreme workout regime!

You don't have to wear fancy shoes, do a full-face of makeup or get a blowout every week in order to look great every day!

You don't have to go on a two-month vacation in Italy to be able to enjoy traveling!

You don't have to end world hunger to make a difference!

The all-or-nothing mentality is hurting us more than we think it is. And it's creeping into every area of our lives!

We need a better way of living, you guys. We need a better way of approaching things than this all-or-nothing mindset. We need to relish the little things.

Not just the boring little things. No way! I am a big fan of pleasure, and treats, and all things special! The little things that make a BIG difference!

I can't give you all the things I've learned so far about this in just one post, so please come back and read all the practical things that I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks!can do, without going big or going home, in some of the main areas of our lives!

I have several posts in the works, and each of them is going to be tackling one specific area in more depth, and with practical ideas and tips for you!

Do you want to start relishing the simple and impactful things you can have in your life? These are things that you can do no matter how tired you are and no matter how busy you are.

Are you guys ready to join me in this? If you're in, drop a comment and let us all know that we're in this together!