Republican and Democratic Conventions Compared - Final Day

The final nights of both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions included addresses from each of the respective presidential candidates. Comparisons from each of the three previous nights were presented earlier this week. Here are the links to each of those days: Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3.

The final night of the RNC began with endorsement for President Trump as a man who will stand on behalf of millions of Americans whose stories aren’t told in newspapers, yet whose stories are just as real, and offered promises that he will return our power to the envy of the world.

American athletes were honored, with President Trump offering words of admiration for the fine qualities of our athletes, stating, “These qualities embody the American values of pushing boundaries, defying limits, and always standing for greatness.”

Stories were offered from citizens, some tragic and some hopeful, and commendations were given to President Trump for prison reform actions, and fighting against terrorism and taking down ISIS. Kayla Mueller, who was captured, tortured, and murdered by ISIS overseas, was commemorated and her parents expressed gratitude to President Trump for avenging their daighter.

Suggestions were made that President Trump has faced all the obstacles from COVID-19 head-on, and commendations were given for his actions against our drug addiction crisis, and he was endorsed as a man who loves our country, and believes in the people of this nation. “President Trump may be the only president in modern times who’s actually done everything he promised to do in his campaign.” Promises made, promises kept was a theme of the night.

Endorsements were also given to President Trump for building the greatest economy in American history, with all-time low unemployment, for standing against Communism, bringing troops home, School Choice, tax cuts, and the Farmers to Families Food Box Program. Attorney General of Utah Sean Reyes also stated that “President Trump is a fierce warrior against human trafficking” and Senator Tom Cotton commended the president for standing up to China and expanding our military. He offered, “If we want peace, we must be strong. Weakness is provocative.”

Many criticisms were given throughout the night of violence in “democrat-led cities”, and for Democrats “slashing police budgets". Stories were told of innocent people being shot and killed, suggesting that “Democrats have walked away from us”. The claim was made that “the radical left” is allowing this on purpose, because they want to end law enforcement.

Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani stated, “don’t let Democrats do to America what they have done in New York”, and he criticized “Black Lives Matter”and condemned Antifa for hijacking peaceful protests and turning violent in Democratic cities. He offered, “The followers of Black Lives Matter are mainly Democrat supporters”, and stated, “it is clear that a vote for Biden and the democrats indicates that you will bring this violence to your town and your suburb.” He commended President Trump as a leader who will protect our American system of government and our way of life.

President Trump’s acceptance address, delivered to a crowd on the lawn of the White House, began with condolences to those suffering from hurricanes, promises that the administration is doing everything they can to provide support, and thanks for the service of emergency responders.

His promises were to build a great economy that quickly returns to full employment, and to protect America against all threats and dangers. He suggested that a new spirit of unity can only be realized by love of one’s country, and stressed the importance of understanding that America is not a land shrouded in darkness, but is the light of the world.

He offered that this election will decide whether we save the American dream, or allow a socialist agenda to destroy our nation, and whether we protect citizens or give free reign to agitators and criminals to threaten our citizens. He sharply criticized the Democratic party for calling our country socially unjust, and urged us to ask ourselves how we can expect them to lead our country when they spend “so much time tearing it down.” He suggested that the Democratic party sees a wicked nation that must be punished, and claimed that these are anthems of oppressive movements. Suggestions were made that Joe Biden is weak, has a shameful record, and will protect “illegal aliens” more than American people.

He criticized the Democratic party for talking about empathy and morality, while allowing abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy, and suggested that “China supports Joe Biden and desperately wants him to win…China would own our country if Joe Biden got elected.” He offered that “when it comes to his agenda, Biden wants to keep us completely in the dark. He doesn’t have a clue.”

President Trump talked about taking on "Big Pharma" and signing an order to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and offered that “before the China virus came in'' this administration had accomplished wonders for the black community and the economy. He spent some time reviewing the other promotions and commendations given earlier in the night, with special attention to his removal of the Iran Nuclear deal, fighting terrorism, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and offering that he “obliterated” ISIS. His overarching call was to protect Americans, and make America great again.

The last night of the DNC started with the suggestion that in this nation, we believe in honesty and decency, and that we do not leave people behind. The promise of America was presented as the most powerful idea in the history of the world - the idea that we are all created equal.

Calls were made for a leader the people can trust, who puts other people first, is honest, decent, caring, and respectful. Joe Biden interviewed, by video, a few everyday Americans discussing their struggles, and commending Joe Biden as an advocate to the middle class, a man who helped save the auto industry, who is fighting to make being a working parent easier, and who has worked, and will work still, to create new jobs and opportunities.

Actor Julia Dreyfus was the moderator on this night, which was held completely online on all four days, and she made several targeted jokes and jabs throughout the night. She told us that Joe Biden “goes to church so often” he doesn’t need tear gas to get there, and stated, “Tonight I couldn’t be prouder to be a loyal union member, a passionate climate activist, and a patriotic Democrat. Or, as Donald Trump will call me in a tweet tomorrow, a washed-up, horse face, no talent has-been with low ratings. Well, with all due respect sir, it takes one to know one.”

Several former presidential candidates made appearances on this night, offering stories of mentor-ship from Biden during their campaigns, the compassion and kindness they had seen him display, and endorsing him as a man who finds ways to get people to work together. Other stories were presented as well, promoting Joe Biden as a man of kindness, common sense and decency.

Joe Biden was also endorsed as a man who supports our military, and who, as a military father, understands the sacrifices and struggles of military families around the country. Senator Tammy Duckworth criticized President Trump as a “a coward-in-chief, who won’t stand up to Vladimir Putin” and who fails to read daily briefings and speak out against bounties placed on our soldier’s heads. She offered that “Joe Biden would never turn his back on our troops”, and would never let tyrants manipulate him like a puppet.

Unity was again highlighted throughout the night, with special emphasis on unity among diversity, stressing the idea that although America has always held the promise of a place where everyone can belong, that promise had been denied to many for too long. Commemorations were presented of women’s suffrage, black women’s suffrage, and the Civil Rights movement. Emphasis was placed on the importance of continually working to better our country.

Calls were made for measures to combat climate change for the protection of our environment and people, for wages that reflect the value we place on our cooks, cleaners, gardeners, and those who hold similar occupations, and for an America where a full-time worker makes enough money to support a family, and where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

Joe Biden’s acceptance address began with a pronouncement that the “current president has cloaked America in darkness for much too long. Too much anger, fear, and division.” Biden stated, “Here and now, I give you my word. If you entrust me with this presidency, I will draw on our best, not our worst.” He promised to be an American president that will work just as hard for those who did not support him as he will for those who did.

He offered condolence to the many suffering loss in our nation, and promised to implement a plan to deal with this pandemic quickly and effectively, with rapid, effective testing, supplying our country with American-made PPE, resources to open schools safely, and taking the “muzzles” off of our experts, so that we can “take the politics out of things” and get the honest truth. He offered that we will never have a healthy economy back if this virus is not dealt with, and criticized President Trump, stating, “He’s failed to protect us. He’s failed to protect America. And, my fellow Americans, that is unforgivable.”

He stressed our nation’s history of diversity, and offered that we have a purpose, as America, to open opportunities for all people to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. “Will we be the generation that finally wipes out the stain of racism from our national character? I believe we’re up to it. I believe we’re ready.” He promised to preserve Social Security, referring to it as a sacred promise that was made to the people who have paid into it. He promoted equal pay for women, better pay for essential workers, and climate change efforts that would create opportunity for “millions of new, good paying jobs”. He offered that these measures could be paid for by closing loopholes on the president’s “tax giveaway to the wealthiest 1% and the biggest, most profitable corporations.”

He stressed the idea to “build back better”, suggesting things like modern roads, pipes to transport clean water to every community, and “5 million new manufacturing and technology jobs” so that “the future can be made in America”. Healthcare system reforms for lower premiums and deductibles were also mentioned, as well as childcare and elder care systems.

Towards the end of his address he stated, “I’ve always believed you could define America in one word: Possibilities.” He stated that, “everyone should be able to go as far as their dreams and god-given ability can take them”, offering that our only way forward is as a united America.

Both events framed this election as one where our democracy is at stake. The RNC offered that we are at risk of losing our freedom and our way of life, and are on the verge of socialist decline. The DNC offered that American ideal of possibility and equality is at stake, and that the dignity, respect, and equality due to the American people is threatened by President Trump’s leadership.

Both offered that their candidate holds claim to our pre-pandemic economy, and is the answer to restore the economy. The DNC offered that Biden has experience bringing this country out of recession and claimed that our pre-pandemic economy is due to the efforts of the Obama/Biden administration. The RNC claimed that our pre-pandemic economy is due to President Trump’s efforts while in office, offering that he can build it back again.

They also each addressed the pandemic, the RNC offering that President Trump has done well leading our nation through this crisis, that President Trump is endorsing a vaccine, and promised to quickly get the economy back on its feet. The DNC offered that President Trump has failed to lead our country well, resulting in a much worse economic and health crisis than was necessary, and offered a plan to deal with the virus, presenting it as a vital first step to healing our economy.

That concludes both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Two very different platforms were offered, and there are just two months left before this year’s presidential election.