Purposefully Have A Better Day

We can't control everything, but we certainly can do a few things to impact how our day will go today! Some days feel effortlessly wonderful. Some days don't. But here are some helpful ways you can feel productive, purposeful, and happy today! (And yes, I will be taking my own advice!)

Eat a good meal.

Your body needs some energy. Don't expect it to run on nothing. We would never expect that from our kids, but, really, they're just shorter versions of ourselves. We're all human.

Ideally, reach for something that won't make you feel worse. Even if you don't grab the salad, try to get something better than the donut!

Wear something that feels great to you.

I'm not being shallow and I'm not being superficial. This is not about the way you look. Since we feel the way we act, our choice of clothing can have a big impact on the way we feel. Don't wear your "lazy day clothes" if you need some extra courage and productivity today, for instance. Our feelings don't "run the show," but they sure do make a difference in how hard we have to fight to do what's necessary! Don't make things harder on yourself - you already have enough to do!

Choose one thing that's the most important to complete.

Be realistic with the thing you choose. It has to make sense with what is going on in your schedule today. Ideally, your one thing is not too time-consuming. Perhaps it's simply to pay that bill you've had on your desk for a week. You will feel such relief when it's done.

Step outside for a minute and breath some fresh air.

It's ok if it's raining or cold. Just step onto the porch or outside the front door of your office, and breath for just a minute. This small burst of fresh air will do wonders to boost your happiness, relax your body, and refresh your mind. And you can do it even if you're extremely busy!

Clear off your workspace.

This isn't meant to be an enormous task. It can take 30 seconds. Working at a desk? Stack those papers, or move them to a shelf so you can concentrate on your work. In the kitchen? Throw away that banana peel and move the dirty dishes to the sink. Stop working around the edges of a mess, and then feeling frustrated that you didn't do your best work.

Say something nice to someone.

A compliment, a cheerful hello with a smile... If something throws my attitude out of whack - bad traffic, a rude person, a disappointing morning - it can affect my entire day. Proactively choosing something more positive starts to turn the brain around in a more pleasant direction. Multiple studies have been done about the power of a simple (and even "fake") smile to change your mood. It can also affect the way others treat you.

At the end of the day, we have the luxury of choosing to create a sense of happiness, and embracing the things we can control! Let's choose to purposefully have a better day!

What seems to have the most impact over your day? Is it circumstantial? Is it the attitudes of your coworkers? Is it the food you eat that day? Share about it in the comments!