How To Not Take Forever To Clean Up Your Home

It's fairly simple, actually. But it's not always easy. You may not even realize how much you're requiring of yourself unnecessarily. But once you realize it, there is so much freedom!

Here's how you do it: you CHEAT!

Actually, there are no actual rules, so it's not technically cheating. But since we create "rules" in our minds all the time about the way we think things ought to be done, it kind of feels like cheating!

Did you know that you don't actually have to do things a specific way?

This is your home! You don't have to do things the way your grandma did them. You don't have to do things the way that book you read told you was the "best way."

If you're holding the wrong standard, it will probably always take you "forever" to clean up.

But it really doesn't have to! And yes, I mean that even if your home is a complete disaster right now!

Here is why: *You do not have to do everything, every time. You do not have to make everything perfectly clean. You do not have to put everything away. You do not have to do anything.*

Think about where your priorities lie:

Do you want everything to be completely perfect?'

Or do you actually just want a peaceful, pleasant environment?

There is a difference between these two things.

Remember that, and you'll experience a lot of freedom!

Everything done perfectly will take "forever."

Everything made pleasant and more peaceful? Very, very doable!

Here are my favorite "cheats" that I use in my own house, to get that pleasant, more peaceful environment when I'm short on time and energy! Some of these I have used since I was a kid, cleaning up my bedroom!

Pick Only The Most Conspicuous Or Largest Items

Usually, getting those large ticket items out of the way makes the mess appear much, much smaller. This is both encouraging and freeing! Sometimes it makes you realize that you barely need to do anything else to achieve that peaceful, pleasant environment!

Only Straighten Surfaces

If it's your room, just make the bed - huge difference! If it's the living room, make sure the coffee table is lined up properly, and the couch cushions aren't strewn all over the place. Immediate progress!


It might look like there is a lot more mess than there really is. Try pushing everything that's out of place into one pile. Everything! From there, you can choose to move the pile to a corner and move on for now, and enjoy how clean the rest of the room looks, or you can decide there isn't that much to put away after all, and get everything into place within a couple of minutes!

Either way, it's a win. This "cheat" works especially well for items that don't have a true place yet. You do not need to keep tripping on them! Move them out of the way!

Tip: try this in the kitchen too! Really helpful!

Remember: if you don't clean up because you don't want to "cheat", you are deciding (yes, it is a choice!) that the mess is better than breaking fake rules.

When you stop to consider this, I imagine that is not in line with your true priorities, is it?

Do you have any favorite "cheats" that you've been using in your home? Please share them in the comments!