How To Get Something Done Today

We'd love to do it all, but sometimes it feels like we can't get anything done! Here are some easy tricks to help yourself feel accomplished TODAY!

You know that wretched feeling you get when you have a million things you'd like to accomplish, but somehow you don't really manage to do any of them? You're busy all day long, and yet, where exactly did the time go? Because nothing on your list of ideals actually happened!

Whether you're trying to get things done around the house or you're hoping to start a personal project, here are some of the ways I've found to be the most helpful in making myself get something done!

1. "Forget" The Big Priorities

I find it helpful sometimes to ignore the obvious priorities, because I'm going to do them anyway! Things like "feed the kids" and "get out the door to work." Those things are going to happen anyway, so I don't really prioritize them unless I'm trying to calm myself from overwhelm and remind myself that I can STOP doing things.

But when I'm trying to actually get things DONE, I leave those things be! Focus on the less obvious things, or you'll keep missing them!

2. Brush Your Teeth & Freshen Up

Never underestimate the power of a fresh start! There's something that triggers in our brains when we change our clothes, brush our teeth, put our hair up, put on some lip balm, or whatever it is that freshens up our physical bodies! It's like waking up, in a glorious way. If you feel yourself dragging, and having a hard time getting yourself to do the thing you want to do, but don't want to do (you know what I'm talking about!), then freshen up! You'll feel more motivated!

3. Set A Timer

You've probably heard this one before, but this one is helpful if you're worried you might spend an inappropriate amount of time on a task and forget about something else important, or if you have trouble focusing (like me)! It's also very freeing to know that you won't be stuck doing something forever. If it's a task you have any type of aversion to, consider this your guaranteed ticket out, without completely ignoring your task!

4. Redefine Accomplishment

This isn't cheating. This is giving yourself the credit you actually earn.

Trying to get the bathroom cleaned, but having some trouble? Skip cleaning the tub, and just wipe down the counter, mirror, and toilet. Accomplishment!

Trying to start a personal project or get to a hobby? Maybe you love photography, but rarely find time to enjoy it: take out your camera and take 2 or 3 pictures! Accomplishment!

You can get to the other steps later. If you keep waiting until you can do every step in one sitting, you won't accomplish your goals.

Do you find it challenging to get certain types of things done? What are some of your favorite tricks to help yourself feel more accomplished? Please share them with everyone in the comments!