6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Happiness this Saturday

Whether you're out and about this Saturday or staying home, here are 6 simple things you can do boost your happiness today. You can accomplish them virtually anywhere, and they can completely change your attitude!

1. Treat Yourself to Something Small

Even small things that seem insignificant can give you a big boost of happiness. The trick is that you enjoyed it intentionally. This can boost your energy and make you feel good, and it requires no significant effort from you. These are simply treats, and they can do wonders for happiness.

A favorite of mine is a 16oz Americano with cream from my local drive-through coffee stand. Another favorite is to slip on my headphones and take a long walk, by myself.

2. Clear A Small Space

Just pick one little thing to clear - make the bed or put that pile of clothes in the laundry - and enjoy the accomplishment. Leaving disorder on purpose can have a negative impact on our happiness, even when we don't realize it immediately. Sometimes just doing one small thing is enough. If you're out and about, throw away the trash in your car. It will feel like a new car! Definitely a happiness boost.

3. Freshen Up

It feels really great to hang out in sweats or pajamas for a while on a weekend, and comfort matters! But there is a different between feeling comfortable and feeling sloppy or lazy, and feeling sloppy can steal our energy. This applies whether you're at home or out and about. So brush your teeth, put on some lip balm, splash a little water on your face, and put on clothes that make you feel great - not just comfortable. You'll have a brand new attitude afterwards.

4. Eat Something

I tend to skip meals these days - never thought I would have that problem! And when I skip meals, my energy is low, my body feels weaker, and I act much grumpier. Small stresses feel like big stresses when I am hungry. Are you similar?

Eat some food. You can even treat yourself and pick something up from the coffee shop! Get something that makes you feel great - you don't have to get the mega-health green drink (if you don't want to) to justify getting yourself something. And you don't have to get the donut either. Just don't pretend that food won't make you feel better.

5. Listen to Your Favorite Music Or Podcast

Put your favorite music on while you drive, put in headphones and take a walk, turn on a podcast while you cook lunch (I do this a lot), or turn on the radio while you eat diner. It doesn't necessarily matter when or how you incorporate this one. But listening to something you find pleasant can be a real happiness booster.

6. Do Something You Enjoy

This one seems obvious, but it's surprising how often we get through the day and realize that we did nothing for the sake of enjoyment, and everything for the sake of requirement or simple habit. Even if all you do is step onto your back porch and breath in fresh air, do something that you enjoy. Read a bit of your book, have fun on Pinterest (yes, I mean it!), light a few candles, watch that youtube documentary. Whatever it is for you.

Are you going to try any of these today? Tell us your favorite ways to be happy on a Saturday in the comments! We can all learn from each other!