5 Ways To Improve Your Atmosphere Immediately

Sometimes we just need an atmosphere change, and our entire attitude and mood can shift! Here are simple ways you can that, without much fuss!

Each of these should only take you about 10-20 seconds. It's usually pretty difficult to convince yourself to be in a different mood or have a different attitude. But atmosphere can be influenced by many things - not just your mood - and you can be influenced by atmosphere! Here are some of my favorite, easy tricks:

1. Straighten Your Area

Not clean, just straighten. Are you in your living room? Fix the pillows and make sure the coffee table is straight. If it's cluttered with books, stack them into one pile. At your desk? Make sure your keyboard isn't crooked, and stack every piece of paper into one pile. (Trust me - they weren't organized anyway. You won't lose them!)

This will make your direct surroundings easier on the eyes, which means less brain power for you to waste. Whether you're consciously aware of it or not, your brain still processes the objects around you, so make it easier on yourself!

2. Make It Smell Better

I use a diffuser and oils, because I'm into that natural stuff, but if you love candles, light one! Smells have a powerful effect on the brain, and can be attached to memories and feelings. (As weird as it may sound, I kind of like the smell of cigarettes because it reminds me of my grandma's house! Scent can be powerful!)

So whether your house smells bad or not, light a candle, start your diffuser, or try putting a dish of vanilla extract in the oven (find out specifics here). At work? Use a desk diffuser, if you have one, or brew some peppermint tea! Even if you don't drink it, the hot water will diffuse the peppermint into your surroundings and boost the atmosphere. Never a waste, in my opinion.

3. Turn On Some Music (Or Turn It Off)

Pick your favorite here. Whatever type of music you like, turn some on and be amazed how everything changes. Or, conversely, if there's already music, try turning it off. Even if you didn't realize it, your brain may be in a bit of an overdrive, and some silence can bring some missing peace.

Don't want complete silence, but still want peace? Try a different genre of music, or use white noise or nature sounds. You can get them on youtube, so don't worry if you don't have a white noise machine.

4. Change Up The Lighting

I'm usually turning more lights on, but my mom is usually turning them off. I don't want to feel like I'm in a cave, so I open every window shade, and turn on every light. Makes me feel more energized. But maybe it's too bright or harsh for you - close the shades part way, flip off a light, or switch the overhead light off and use a lamp instead. Simple fix, but huge difference.

5. Move To A New Spot

This is definitely achievable much of the time, even if not always. If you wish you were in a more comfortable place, move from the kitchen table to the living room couch. Or, if you need a place that feels less lazy, get off the couch and go work at your desk. Or go outside. Or get into your bed.

Even if you only move a few feet away, the objects in your direct line of vision may be completely different. Sometimes that's all the improvement you need.

Have you tried any of these? Or did I miss one of your favorites? I'd love to hear about it! Please share!

And don't forget to share this with a friend who would needs these ideas!