10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Mood

What if you need to snap out of your funk, FAST?! Here are some tips to do that!

You don't have to have a lot of time to do any of these things. In fact, most of them can be done in a matter of seconds!

1. Smile

Yes, we've all heard it before. That's because it really does seem to work! Many studies have been done about how the physical shapes and movements you make when you smile can impact your mood, release endorphins, and relax your body.

2. Step Outside

If you are at all physically able to, step outside if your mood is low. Being outside has a lot of benefits, and sometimes we just need a change of scenery for a minute! The stark difference between indoor air and outdoor air seems to do the trick best.

3. Change The Lighting

Sometimes we don't seem to notice that the room is a bit dark and gloomy. It might only take the flip of a switch to add some cheer to your day. Alternatively, the lighting might be a little harsh and unpleasant. Try lighting some candles for a prettier, softer light instead!

4. Do 10 squats

You could actually do 10 lunges, or 10 push ups, or 10 jumping jacks, or whatever your preferred type of exercise is. It hardly takes any time at all to feel instantly more energetic and happy from exercise! Don't let yourself be cheated out of this benefit because you've heard you're supposed to do a full workout.

5. Find One Thing You're Grateful For

But here's the deal - you need to be very specific about this one! I don't think this works very well unless the thing you choose is very pertinent to your life right now. Skip the generic items, like family, a roof over your head, and food to eat. Pick something highly specific and recent - that you didn't spill your coffee on your white shirt this morning, the cute thing your toddler said to you 10 minutes ago, etc.

6. Brush Your Teeth

Yeah, I'm serious. There's nothing quite like freshening up.

7. Change Your Clothes

Is it an illusion that certain clothes can make you feel more attractive, more comfortable, or just better than others? Maybe. But if it is an illusion, it's a helpful one. Take advantage of it!

8. Slow Down & Say Hi

Engaging in social interaction can help us feel happier. It can be very simple, like exchanging a few brief words with the barista. Efficiency can rob us of happiness, if we're not careful.

9. Sniff A Happy Smell

Pull out a diffuser, or even take a quick whiff of some sunscreen! Yes, it might seem weird, but smells are often associated with memories. Sunscreen, for example, tends to make us think of vacation, when we feel relaxed and happy. So grab your favorite candle, or anything else with a pleasing smell, and enjoy!

10. Clear The Clutter

I'm not talking about an overhaul. All you need to do is make the space you're looking at look neat and tidy - you don't even have to put anything "away"! You can do this very quickly. Check out this post I wrote in the past about my favorite "quick fix."

Do any of these things appeal to you more than others? Be sure to share in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends!